a toddler and his cereal

i tried to choose only one image to share today, but i love the little story this series of images shared, so i figured i'd debut my revamped website with a blog post of some images from day 24 of my third project 365.

i call this "a toddler and his cereal"

toddler wants to pour his own cereal.

toddler fills his bowl to the brim and then keeps pouring.  cereal spills all over the table.

toddler shrugs it off and begins eating cereal anyway.  but only the table cereal.  bowl cereal is so 2016.

toddler's mom knows cereal costs $4 a box.  toddler's mom has the audacity to clean up spilled cereal.  toddler's life as he knows it comes to an abrupt end.

toddler's mom is pregnant.  toddler's mom can't reach for a bottle of wine, so she reaches for her camera instead.  toddler eventually (10 minutes later) stops crying as toddler's mom hand feeds toddler cereal (from the bowl!) one piece at a time.  toddler realizes bowl cereal is remarkably similar to table cereal.  toddler's life resumes as normal.  

the end :)