round 11

i'll be honest, i wasn't super intentional when i shot this week's image.  my heart and mind were being pulled a thousand different ways over the last few weeks, so photography kind of got pushed to the bottom of the priority list.  still, i can see how this project has helped me to compose differently overall even when i'm not being intentional, and i just love that!

mine on the right, melissa's on the left!

round 9

this week i did something that i rarely ever do to my images, and i flipped it so that the final version is a mirror image of the original.  there are a few reasons why i don't often flip my photos, but the main reason is that i forget it's an option.  but, this project has kept me actively thinking of ways to improve the composition of my pictures, and i know that this week's image was the perfect candidate for being strengthened with a flip.  so here it is :)  melissa on the left, me on the right!

composed, round 2

i chose to continue my work on framing for this week's image.  i also made an effort to create more depth and layering in this image to help add context and draw the viewer into the frame.  this is by far the most challenging technical project on my plate right now, but i'm enjoying how hard it's making me think as i shoot :)

(reminder: melissa's image is on the left, mine is on the right)