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round 12

this week was a struggle... again.  it seems the closer i get to having this baby, the less my brain is able to do complicated tasks- like take creatively composed photos.  it doesn't help that i was shooting with my crop sensor and my 35 mm- so i was much closer than i've been accustomed to.  but i'll keep working on it!

round 11

i'll be honest, i wasn't super intentional when i shot this week's image.  my heart and mind were being pulled a thousand different ways over the last few weeks, so photography kind of got pushed to the bottom of the priority list.  still, i can see how this project has helped me to compose differently overall even when i'm not being intentional, and i just love that!

mine on the right, melissa's on the left!

round 10

running a little behind with this round's post, but this might be my favorite set to date!  i love how we both stepped outside of our comfort zones and shot some things that we don't usually shoot, and how we both really used color to aid in strengthening our compositions.

melissa on the left, me on the right!

round 9

this week i did something that i rarely ever do to my images, and i flipped it so that the final version is a mirror image of the original.  there are a few reasons why i don't often flip my photos, but the main reason is that i forget it's an option.  but, this project has kept me actively thinking of ways to improve the composition of my pictures, and i know that this week's image was the perfect candidate for being strengthened with a flip.  so here it is :)  melissa on the left, me on the right!

round 8

in almost every round of this project so far, melissa and i have been able to find some parallels or similarities in our images, which is probably one of my favorite things about tackling this challenge with someone else.  this round, it appears we were both drawn to the way shadows contributed to our photos  :)  

round 7

i've been working a lot on pulling back and including more details in the scene, so this week i decided to switch it up and try filling the frame instead.  gonna have to work more on this one :)

(i'm on the right, melissa's on the left!)

round 6

played with layers again this week.  i want to start using layers in all my images, not just images i create for this project.  i love what they add to a photo.

(my image is on the right, melissa is on the left!)

round 5

i had a tough time taking an image that really felt like i was pushing myself out of my normal box this go-round.  of course, melissa's shot this week is one of my favorites of hers ever, so i'll let her carry the diptych for this round :)

round 3

i know we're only on round 3, but this project is still kicking my butt.  growth is hard, folks.  good, important, a part of life... but hard.

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