day 116

i left to go out of town with my family first thing on friday morning, and we got back late last night, and it has completely thrown me for a loop.  i can't keep themes or prompts or days or cameras straight.  i can't remember what i posted, or when or where.  my brain is a big old jumble.

so.  i checked a few times to be sure, and it definitely is a new week (week 17), with a new theme (sunrise), that let's be honest, i'm probably not going to get an actual on-prompt shot for.  the place we were staying this weekend would have been great for a sunrise shot, but i was blessed enough to be sleeping soundly in an enormous and soft king sized bed well past sunrise yesterday.  today would have worked too, but again, the kids were so darn worn out that we all slept later than usual.  aaaaaaaaaaand, of course, the forecast for the rest of the week is rain.  which means unless the stars align and i happen to be up early on a day the weather decides to prove the forecast wrong, it's not happening this week.  which is cool with me, because i suddenly find myself with a massive backlog of images to edit from my nikon because i've been making an effort to keep shooting with it through iphone month, but don't have the time to actually do anything with those images like i usually do.

anyway.  here's some of the iphone images i took today.  they're not all that great, but i'm giving myself a heap of grace today in this arena because truly, i could barely remember how to press the shutter on my phone let alone create an artful and expressive photograph.  hopefully a quiet week at home will help me shake the traveling-with-two-kids induced brain fog soon ;)

and a few from our trip that i don't think i've shared anywhere yet.  maybe.