day 31

the new theme for this week is "winter".  we have a ton of snow outside which probably would have made for some great images, but i just didn't have it in me to crawl around in the snow today.  i'll probably go for it later in the week once i get some sleep under my belt, but to kick off the theme, i decided to keep it documentary.

last year, for my first 365, i did a storytelling shoot of my mom while we were out fabric shopping.  today, she was helping me out with a project and so i decided to do a mini-story in between making sure my little didn't stick his fingers in the sewing machine while she worked.  because it's winter- and in winter, my momma sews.

i did grab a few shots of what winter looks like from the sewing room window- the window my dad put in himself to give my mom more light while she creates  :)

day 24 (and some bonus snow)

today starts week four and a new- and challenging- theme: food photography.

i'm not good at photographing food.  i'm pretty good at making food, and i'm very good at eating it, but photographing food is another matter altogether.  there's an excellent chance that i'll be going off prompt a lot this week, but i do think it's important to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, so i'm at least going to try to get some food shots.

today i kept looking at the meals i was preparing for myself and my family and trying to envision them in an artful way so i could photograph them, but nothing was coming to me.  usually when i see food, all i can think is "yummmm, get in mah belly" or something to that effect.  in fact, i'd argue that while i'm eating is one of the times when photography is furthest from my mind (unless there's a lot of steam involved.  i love a good steam shot).  plus, my food doesn't usually hang around long enough for me to take pictures of it; i'm not exactly a patient person when hungry.  anyway.  i was approaching the point of giving up for the day and just sticking some grapes on a white piece of paper and photographing them in some sunshine when my big asked for an apple for snack.  fortunately, he was distracted by daniel tiger because it took me a long time to get it to him.

i didn't get super creative with the angles i tried (i shot straight down from above a few times, but those were kind of blah) so instead i messed around with my focal point and DOF to try to give some variation.  there's nothing earth shatteringly pretty or particularly skillful about these, but i tried and so i'm counting it as a win for today.  perhaps tomorrow (and some light reading on food photography) will bring more inspiration.

 and now, before i go for the evening, i'll leave you with a few pictures from today's snow adventures.  my husband was still focusing all his energy on shoveling us out, which meant i was doubling up on mom and photog duty.  on normal days, i've gotten pretty good with balancing the two (especially now that the little is not so little) but when there's snow and the potential for slipping and both are walking the delicate tight rope between "total joy" and "massive meltdown", it's a little more difficult.  i'm hoping tomorrow we can pull the sleds out, build snowmen, and actually play instead of stand and watch while our neighborhood frantically attempts to dig itself out from under an entire winter's worth of snow.  here's what i was able to capture today of our 10-minute journey (a significant improvement over yesterday's 3) into the icy tundra that is our front yard.