a weekend at the beach

i already write this post once and when i was *almost* finished, the entire thing disappeared.  normally i'd be annoyed, but i'm especially mad right now because i specifically dedicated my 90 minutes of afternoon work time while the kids are sleeping/having down time to getting it done.  so, since i'm letting my kids watch an extra half hour of cartoons to knock it out, here's the short version of what i had planned to say:

1.  this vacation was amazing.

2.  i really like these pictures.

3.  i wish i was in more of them.

and now here's a bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure.  they're in chronological order, so i'll let them tell the story without butting in with a bunch of words no one will read anyway ;)

adventures in rv camping

it's been 9 days since i last posted here, which is the longest i've gone without blogging all year.  between going away for 5 days, accruing a giant editing backlog, working with a deadline, and mom-ing on top of it all, attending to this space has gotten shoved to the bottom of my priority list over and over again.  still, there's no time like the present to jump back in, and so i'm going to start with a few-words-but-many-pictures post summing up the trip i took with the boys and my parents last week in their RV.  

this is the first vacation that we've been able to join my parents on in their new home-away-from-home, so we were bummed when the dates clashed with my husband's work schedule, but i knew i couldn't pass up the chance to get my boys camping- especially since we had an opportunity to spend some time with my grandparents too.

i was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly the entire trip went; from the 7 hour drive down and back, to the nights where i had to put them both to sleep on my own in beds that weren't theirs, to long rainy days and missed naps.  they both did a marvelous job, and we had a fantastic time to boot.

of course, because they're still little and creatures of habit like their momma, we ended up doing a lot of the same things we usually do at home (bubbles, balls, race cars, snack, snack, snack), and we did them over and over (and over) because of the rain, but it didn't stop us from having  fun.  one day we even took a nature hike through the woods while it sprinkled (no pictures of that!) and then got soaking wet and muddy when we played on the playground when we got worn out from walking.

we also took advantage of an offer from my aunt and uncle to take us to the virginia living museum to see their dinosaur exhibit, which ended up being the highlight of our time down there.  i've never seen both of my children so over-the-top excited about anything, ever.  the museum lighting wasn't easy to work with, so these aren't all that great to look at, but they at least give you an idea of the joy this side trip brought.

aside from that, we just leaned in and enjoyed the chance to be away from home with mimi and grandaddy, hanging out and doing nothing of consequence.  we even got to play with some fun new treasures that we acquired while we were down there- like a thrift store scooter, a set of walkie-talkies from my grandmother, and an old pair of sunglasses the big managed to unearth from the back seat of my overflowing little car.

happy camping indeed <3 

personal photojournalism: the untold story of april

this past month, i dedicated myself to shooting my 365 project with my iphone only.  about halfway through the month, however, i started to really miss my nikon, so after i would get my daily shot with my phone, i would pull out my camera and shoot around to keep up with my dslr skills (and just for fun, without the idea of sharing in the back of my mind).

here are some of those images, most of which haven't been shared anywhere but between my nikon and my desktop, and which tell some of our story of april.

when you're finished over here, be sure to click on over to christine hurla, family photographer in overland park, to continue around the circle and see what these talented ladies have been up to!

he spilled his cereal, and it was tragic.

we found this great rock on a walk around our neighborhood.  they immediately set to jumping (or pushing each other) off of it.  after that it wasn't so great anymore ;)

woody and buzz are two of those toys that get forgotten about for long periods of time, but when they get remembered, there's much joy and celebrating.  and to-infinity-and-beyond-ing.

playing in the quiet morning light on a short weekend trip to visit my grandparents.

the super grover hat made a reappearance this month, and made the cut to come down with us on our road trip.  the little is slowly discovering the joys of dress up and imaginary play <3

the timeshare that we stayed in had this completely fabulous bathtub that my kids fell in love with the moment they laid eyes on it.  it was awesome.

the weather warmed up for a few days here and there, so we took advantage while we could and headed outside quite a bit on those days.

they treasure their daddy time- and so does he <3 

thanks for checking out what our april looked like!  don't forget to see how christine hurla, family photographer in overland park, documented her family this month!

day 116

i left to go out of town with my family first thing on friday morning, and we got back late last night, and it has completely thrown me for a loop.  i can't keep themes or prompts or days or cameras straight.  i can't remember what i posted, or when or where.  my brain is a big old jumble.

so.  i checked a few times to be sure, and it definitely is a new week (week 17), with a new theme (sunrise), that let's be honest, i'm probably not going to get an actual on-prompt shot for.  the place we were staying this weekend would have been great for a sunrise shot, but i was blessed enough to be sleeping soundly in an enormous and soft king sized bed well past sunrise yesterday.  today would have worked too, but again, the kids were so darn worn out that we all slept later than usual.  aaaaaaaaaaand, of course, the forecast for the rest of the week is rain.  which means unless the stars align and i happen to be up early on a day the weather decides to prove the forecast wrong, it's not happening this week.  which is cool with me, because i suddenly find myself with a massive backlog of images to edit from my nikon because i've been making an effort to keep shooting with it through iphone month, but don't have the time to actually do anything with those images like i usually do.

anyway.  here's some of the iphone images i took today.  they're not all that great, but i'm giving myself a heap of grace today in this arena because truly, i could barely remember how to press the shutter on my phone let alone create an artful and expressive photograph.  hopefully a quiet week at home will help me shake the traveling-with-two-kids induced brain fog soon ;)

and a few from our trip that i don't think i've shared anywhere yet.  maybe.