week 11|52

this week's theme: my afternoons.

this is perfect because it occurred to me the other day that i haven't shot to tell a story in a very long time- and perhaps that's why i've been stuck in such a rut.  i've either been too distracted by everything going on in my life to be able to devote much mental energy to photography (trying to give myself some grace there), or i've been so wrapped up in trying to get one perfect shot that i get frustrated when i can't and feel like the whole thing is hopeless.

here's the thing- getting that one perfect, breathtaking, stop-scrolling-to-stare-with-your-mouth-open shot is awesome.  it's validating and exhilarating and encouraging and motivating and all those great things.  but the problem is that it can't happen every day.  i think even the best, most talented photographers would be hard pressed to create a show stopping image every day of their life.  and another problem with only shooting to get that one perfect shot is that i may get one that i think is "the one"- and nobody else really cares.  i may create an image that i love so much that i just want to stare at it and check my facebook every 30 seconds for 3 hours after i post it to see the reaction, only to find there isn't one.  not everyone sees the same thing when they look at a photo, and that's okay, but it can also be kind of discouraging.

back to the point: this is the perfect theme to help me get back to shooting to tell a story.  as much as i love getting one awesomely gorgeous and amazing image in a day, it's an unsustainable way for me to approach my photography.  i enjoy the process much more when i can focus on shooting to convey emotion and connection and life as it really is.  i like having my camera out for 30 minutes and taking pictures as we go instead of taking the same shot over and over to try to get it juuuuuuuuuust right.  i like sitting down at my computer and knitting together a story with the images i've created.  it's a little more time consuming, but it's also much more fulfilling and meaningful and authentic, and more importantly, much less stressful for everyone involved.

of course, today i chose *not* to shoot to tell a story because i was just too darn tired to have my camera out for very long (thanks daylight savings time!) but hopefully i'll be able to share what our afternoons look like at least a few times this week :)  instead, here's an image of what my afternoon looked like today:

mimi took us to toys r us today.  needless to say, we left with 2 very spoiled little boys ;)

and, because i haven't done a nature shot in way too long, and the blossoms on my mom's trees were too beautiful to pass up: