day 9

today, i made good on a promise i made to myself awhile ago.  i've been following a group on facebook called the cities in color project where the goal is to find and photograph a different color every month in the cities we live in (i mentioned it before over on my old blog).  it's a great project that has really opened my eyes to finding color, but i've been failing- hard- at actually photographing it.  because i live in the suburbs, most of the time when i spot our monthly color, i'm out on the road, and i have only ever stopped once to take a picture.  i always make excuses- the kids are with me or there's too much traffic or it's not the right time of day for good light- but the truth is i'm just too self-conscious to pull over to the side of the road for 2 minutes, jump out, snap a few frames, and move on.  so i promised myself that i would work on getting over it, and today i did.

the color for january is white, and a few weeks ago i drove past this white tractor just plopped down in the middle of a random field.  it's directly on the side of a busy road, so i never stopped, but there's adequate space on the shoulder to pull over safely, so today when i headed that direction, i put on my big girl panties and  took a few minutes to snap a few frames.  i was out of the car for less than a minute, and even though i would have liked to stay out longer and try a few different angles, i'm still happy with the one keeper i got- and i'm glad that i made the choice to pull over.