day 18: a bowling story

for those who don't know, my husband works for a school district., which means that he had the day off today.  normally on our "bonus daddy days", we like to lay around the house in our pajamas and watch movies or play video games together.  but, we did that yesterday to celebrate the fact that winter finally arrived and the temperature dropped below 30* for the first time all season, so today we figured we needed to do anything that didn't involve screen time.  since it was too cold to go outside, and also too cold to finally organize all the boxes we've had hanging out in our garage for the last few weeks (christmas brought on the need for a storage-space-reorganization project), we decided to try something new and go bowling.

before i say anything else, let me just state for the record that this was one of the best ideas we've ever had.  our boys seriously had an amazing time, which meant that my husband and i also had an amazing time, and we all went home happy and thoroughly bonded as a family.  as a photography opportunity, however, it sort of bombed a little bit.  i tried really, really hard to shoot this as a story from beginning to end, but i had a few obstacles standing in my way.  first of all, in order to tell a story from beginning to end, you actually need to photograph the beginning, which i couldn't do because i couldn't even get my camera out of the bag until after we'd been there for about 10 minutes.  i missed my kids walking in the door, their little faces when they saw the lights and took in the alleys, and the all-important shoe counter.  then, once we were situated and i finally had my camera in hand, i was frequently pulled away from shooting because i was either preventing my 3 year old from dropping a 10 pound ball on his foot or trying to creatively keep my 1 year old away from the ball return that he so desperately wanted to put his hands/head/entire body into.  i also had to edit these images a little differently than i usually do because the light in bowling alleys is not exactly ideal and my poor little crop sensor wasn't such a fan.  i like how some of them came out, but they're not the lovely, contrasty black and white images that i usually create.

anyway, since i can't use what i got to tell a complete story, i'll break it down into sections.  to start off, i'll share the images from today that match this week's theme, details.

next, here we are getting all ready to play- getting shoes on, looking for the lightest balls available, and a quick run down on how to play (including a brief explanation on how the ball return works and the importance of not putting yourself into it).

this next set was taken one handed while my other hand held onto a very squirmy and not very happy 1 year old who wanted to alternately remove all the balls from the return and run down every lane.  the big had some assistance for his first frame, followed by a solo attempt.

then it was the little's turn to try it out, with some help from the ball ramp.

and then a few more that can't really be categorized, but that tell the story anyway.  the big kept getting exasperated at how long it took the balls to come back while the little just got angry that they were too heavy for him to pick up and throw around.  eventually he took a paci break while we rolled a few frames and then he was able to join back in the action.  oh, and the last image?  the big got a strike, so we taught him how to make an "x" with his arms and yell "strike!" :)