day 40

i wasn't planning on doing a blog post today.  i thought maybe i'd take a handful of shots over the course of the day, pick and edit a favorite, and share just one so i could have the evening off.  buuuuuut, then i got an answer to prayer in the form of a call from my doctor, and for the first time in 2 weeks i felt like i was able to plug back in to the world around me.  so, instead, i picked up my camera with actual intent and enthusiasm for the first time in a long time, and ended up with enough to keepers to require a post.

we'll start with the on-theme images :)  here's a few low-light shots following a brief excursion outside during the beginning of today's mini snow storm.

clearly they were exhausted from all the walking around they did while also asking to come inside.  

i did manage to get a few shots while we were outside that i really like though.  i'm glad we went out while the snow was still softly falling.  and that the little kept his crying to a small whimper ;)

i have a weird thing for my kids' hair.  put snowflakes in it and i'll walk around all day taking pictures of the top of their heads.  i just can't help myself!

and then i taught this one how to make a little avalanche, which he thought was hysterical (and so did i).

meanwhile, this one stood by the door, staring longingly inside- while the dog also stood by the door, staring longingly outside.  

after we came inside and stripped down, we had our obligatory morning round of fruit snacks followed by some dress up time.  i don't think there's much in this world that's more entertaining than watching your 3 year old squeeze into an elmo costume that's at least 2 sizes two small.  except maybe watching his little brother help him put it on and then stand back and stare in admiration and awe.

and then at some point the big decided he had enough, so he passed the torch to the little :)

a quick side not about the dress up images- normally i would have converted them to black and white, but i kept them in color for 2 reasons: 1. bright reds like this one don't usually play very nicely with the camera, especially when converted, and i just couldn't get it to look right no matter what i tried and 2. it's elmo.  'nuff said.

day 24 (and some bonus snow)

today starts week four and a new- and challenging- theme: food photography.

i'm not good at photographing food.  i'm pretty good at making food, and i'm very good at eating it, but photographing food is another matter altogether.  there's an excellent chance that i'll be going off prompt a lot this week, but i do think it's important to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, so i'm at least going to try to get some food shots.

today i kept looking at the meals i was preparing for myself and my family and trying to envision them in an artful way so i could photograph them, but nothing was coming to me.  usually when i see food, all i can think is "yummmm, get in mah belly" or something to that effect.  in fact, i'd argue that while i'm eating is one of the times when photography is furthest from my mind (unless there's a lot of steam involved.  i love a good steam shot).  plus, my food doesn't usually hang around long enough for me to take pictures of it; i'm not exactly a patient person when hungry.  anyway.  i was approaching the point of giving up for the day and just sticking some grapes on a white piece of paper and photographing them in some sunshine when my big asked for an apple for snack.  fortunately, he was distracted by daniel tiger because it took me a long time to get it to him.

i didn't get super creative with the angles i tried (i shot straight down from above a few times, but those were kind of blah) so instead i messed around with my focal point and DOF to try to give some variation.  there's nothing earth shatteringly pretty or particularly skillful about these, but i tried and so i'm counting it as a win for today.  perhaps tomorrow (and some light reading on food photography) will bring more inspiration.

 and now, before i go for the evening, i'll leave you with a few pictures from today's snow adventures.  my husband was still focusing all his energy on shoveling us out, which meant i was doubling up on mom and photog duty.  on normal days, i've gotten pretty good with balancing the two (especially now that the little is not so little) but when there's snow and the potential for slipping and both are walking the delicate tight rope between "total joy" and "massive meltdown", it's a little more difficult.  i'm hoping tomorrow we can pull the sleds out, build snowmen, and actually play instead of stand and watch while our neighborhood frantically attempts to dig itself out from under an entire winter's worth of snow.  here's what i was able to capture today of our 10-minute journey (a significant improvement over yesterday's 3) into the icy tundra that is our front yard.

day 23

in case you're not from the northeast (or you are and you  just live under a rock), we're currently in the middle of a record breaking snowstorm.  there's something close to 30 inches of snow hanging out in my front yard (and back yard, and everywhere else in at least a 50 mile radius), not counting the additional inches that have been piled on top from the 2 times my wonderful husband went out to shovel today to try to stay on top of things.  

it's literally been snowing for the last 24 hours, which on the one hand is really cool because we have little ones who are fascinated by the snow.  but, on the other hand, it's really bad because we have little ones who are fascinated by the snow... but have no concept of the realities of snow.  like how it's cold.  and how it's wet.  and how when it's still falling and it blows on your face, it's cold and wet and it also hurts a little bit.  cause when you're 3 and your dad is creating a mt everest out of snow in your front yard, you have to go stand on top of it right now.  and when you're 1 and your big brother is suiting up to go play outside, you obviously should also be suiting up to go play outside.

we gave it an honest shot.  we really did.  but even with enough layers to toast a marshmallow and a well-dug path by daddy, our adventure out into the snow today pretty much went like this:

and this:

sidenote: i took this one handed while trying to console the child pictured in the first image.

and so after about 2 minutes, we retreated back indoors where we enjoyed watching the snow fall from the safety of our warm, snug house in nothing but our summer jammies- cause that's how we roll around here.

stay safe and warm everyone, wherever you are!

day 13

we got snow last night, and then woke up to sunshine this morning.   not only did this mean my oldest was beside himself at the thought of going out to play in the snow, i was pretty excited to have the chance to take some pictures outside for the first time in an eternity while also staying on theme.  the more practical mom side of me was dreading going out because of all the prep work and aftermath of snow play, but photographer mom told her to stuff it and out we went.  i was going to skip  blogging today and only share one of these, but since this is our first snow of the year, i decided to go ahead and share them all.  who knows when we'll get more to play in?