day 31

the new theme for this week is "winter".  we have a ton of snow outside which probably would have made for some great images, but i just didn't have it in me to crawl around in the snow today.  i'll probably go for it later in the week once i get some sleep under my belt, but to kick off the theme, i decided to keep it documentary.

last year, for my first 365, i did a storytelling shoot of my mom while we were out fabric shopping.  today, she was helping me out with a project and so i decided to do a mini-story in between making sure my little didn't stick his fingers in the sewing machine while she worked.  because it's winter- and in winter, my momma sews.

i did grab a few shots of what winter looks like from the sewing room window- the window my dad put in himself to give my mom more light while she creates  :)