life in motion

i wrote a post a few weeks ago about the technique panning and how i wanted to improve my skill with it.  lucky for me, the theme for week 20 is {panning}, so i have a full week with the perfect excuse to tell my kids to run like the wind.

panning is hard, hard, hard, especially when you're photographing kiddos who may at any moment run into the street, and who like to run in unpredictable patterns at unpredictable times and unpredictable speeds.  i slowed my shutter way, way down tonight (1/15th of a second) in the hopes of catching a little more blur behind my tricky subjects, but that also made it harder for me to get the little stinkers in focus.  here's my set of "almost but not quite" photos from the night:

and here are the two that i think are pretty acceptable examples of successful panning (the second is shown twice- in color and b/w):

i'm looking forward to working on this some more throughout the week.  as hard as it is, i really love the result when i get it right :)

day 109

this week has created a bit of a conundrum for me, but one that i think will ultimately have a good and helpful outcome.  the theme for week 16 is {freezing motion}, which is not only a really fun theme, but one that requires the use of some techniques that i want to work on.  the problem is, in order to intentionally freeze motion in your images (using any one of these techniques), you need to be able to manipulate your shutter speed, and as far as i know that's not something you can do with an iphone.  my initial solution to this problem was just to end my iphone challenge early, but i'm far too stubborn to back out of a self-imposed challenge.  plus, i really am learning a lot more than i anticipated shooting with just my phone, so stopping early would be detrimental to that progress.  so then i figured i'd just go off prompt all week, but i didn't want to miss out on the push to work on this specific area of photography.  sooooooooo, i decided i'm going to keep shooting regular day-to-day moments with my phone like i've been doing, and then once a day, if time allows, i'll pull out my dslr and attempt to freeze some motion.  whatever days i decide to shoot on-prompt with my big girl camera on top of my phone shooting, i'll just pick one image from each set to share for my 365 (or in this case, do a whole blog post with both nikon and phone pictures).

so first up, today's attempt at panning.  these didn't turn out nearly as well as i was hoping, but i'm going to share for posterity, and because the failures are a part of the learning process as much (if not more!) as the successes are.

that last image i did a great job freezing the motion of the swing, the problem is i was trying to get his face clear.  but hey, it's a step in the right direction.

and here are today's iphone images- we had a picnic in the park, followed by some flower picking <3 

and my new personal favorite- in color and b/w <3