movies with preschoolers

several weeks ago, we decided the time had come for our 3.5 year old to be done taking afternoon naps.  however, in order to help me maintain my sanity, and to prevent him from becoming too painfully grouchy by the end of the day, we've instituted the rule that he needs to have "down time" while his little brother naps- which translates to him watching a movie on the couch for an hour and a half every afternoon.  it's been going really well- he enjoys his special movie time, and his bedtime routine has been cut almost in half.  so, today, when we were out visiting our favorite friends and nap time rolled around, my friend offered to pop in a movie for all 3 boys to watch and i quickly agreed.  her 3 year old has a similar routine to my big, and the little was so tired from not being conked out in his own crib that he was slowly turning into a blob of glazed eyes and drool (in a cute way, of course).  the point is, i thought it would be fun to see how these three friends did hanging out together on the sofa watching a movie at nap time, and i was not disappointed.  here is a brief visual breakdown of how it went:


left: I'M SO EXCITED!!!     center: ohmygoshi'msotired     right:  it's okay, just stay awake!


this is the best thing ever.

starting.  to feel.  tired.

need space.  spread out.

must stay awake.  must watch movie.

after i took that last one, i ended up sitting next to them and getting sucked in to the movie myself... for about 10 minutes, at which point both my kids started to cry from tiredness/the break in routine/they sensed i wanted to watch the movie, and then my friend's 2 month old woke up, so we decided it was time to scoot (i'm a great friend like that- sorry my kids woke up your baby... BYE!).  now we just have a good excuse to watch the second half of inside out the next time we visit :)