pocket full of sunshine

so i'm in this amazing facebook group- i've talked about it before, the one where the focus is on finding different kinds of light- and the new theme for this month is pockets of light.  this theme is awesome and i love it.  shooting using pockets of light creates really dramatically lit images with gorgeous contrast that i can't get enough of.  plus, when you're shooting documentary, it's a really fun challenge to find ways to get your subject into the pocket.  sometimes it means moving yourself until you get the right angle, sometimes it's setting up your shot and waiting until your subject moves into the light, or maybe it's baiting your three year old by placing a brownie in the light pocket on the kitchen counter at 7 am (i mean, what?  i would never do that.  i'm an excellent mother).

i would also never, ever let my kids watch netflix on my phone at the end of our morning park excursion because of a cool bench and well-placed light.  

honestly though, i had so much fun light hunting today.  i've enjoyed every theme that's been presented since i joined the finding the light group, but i think this is one that will really occupy my brain.  everywhere we went today i was noticing pockets of light and trying to be sneaky and creative in photographing them.

here's to a month full of pockets that are full of sunshine.  happy june :)

day 89

i took a lot of pictures today, and i'm in an oversharing mood, so i'm going to dump them all into this post.

first- the on prompt shots.  one of my least liked chores as a stay at home mom is to rotate the boys' wardrobes as seasons change or they move up to the next size (or if i'm lucky, both at the same time).  i've been saving diaper boxes the last few months to reorganize and store their clothing in, and a few days ago i popped them in the living room so that i would be motivated to get the job done.  however, i have a tendency to get distracted, and so instead of filling those boxes with clothes to be donated, this happened today:

in my defense, it would have been impossible for me to pack clothes away today anyway, because in case you can't tell, these aren't actually boxes, they're rocketships.  we spent a large chunk of our afternoon counting down and blasting off across the house, and even though my arms are regretting it now, the giggles were totally worth it :)

and now onto some of the other random images i took today.

first, i decided to celebrate the return of direct sunshine into our kitchen in the mornings- even if it only lasts for about 20 minutes- with some intentional oof images.

then this little guy pulled a chair over to the counter and patiently stared down the microwave while waiting for his oatmeal to finish cooking, so of course i had to grab a quick shot.

and lastly, we busted out the new bubble machine mimi got us for easter.  enough said :)

sidenote: we pulled out the big's bike the other day now that it's starting to warm up, and then headed out to pick up a helmet, hoping the promise of riding his bike would be enough to persuade him to actually wear it.  after loudly refusing to try on a single one for close to 15 minutes, he spotted this t-rex helmet and has insisted on wearing it ever since.