day 75

here's a big dose of honesty for this tuesday evening- once the kids are up from nap, most of my afternoons are spent desperately trying to find ways to fill the time until my husband gets home from work.  mostly because that's when i can finally have a few moments of adult conversation... and a chance to go to the bathroom without tiny humans following me, but also because by that point in the day, both kids either want to be eating or watching tv and my grocery budget and intense mom guilt can't sustain either of those.  in the warmer months, it's not such a big deal because i can just take them outside and let them do their thing, but lately afternoons have turned into slow torture sessions of trying to keep them from destroying one another (and me).  sometimes we load in the car and go to target.  sometimes we build a block tower for the 8,000th time or race cars across the house for the millionth time.  and every now and then, i have a magic brain wave where i somehow manage to come up with an activity that is not only somewhat educational, but actually holds their interest for longer than it takes for them to blink.

today was a magic brain wave day.

both sets of grandparents recently did some really nice things for the boys, so i wrote out thank you notes and then had the kiddos "write" their own.

i took more of the big, but i've been trying to cut down on the number of underwear shots i share with the world, and he staunchly refused to put on clothing until it was time to head to the mailbox, so... yeah.  anyway, once they finished their letters, we stuck them into envelopes (the little was eager to help), suited up in our rainy day clothes, and headed out to mail them.

(^ that's the best i could get of all 3 of us walking.  they both wanted to hold my hand at the same time, and they walk surprisingly fast considering how short they are.)  since we live in a townhouse, we have one of those community mailboxes.  our box is directly across the street from our house, but it doesn't have an outgoing slot, and my husband carries the key to our box.  so, when we want to mail something without daddy around, we've got to take a short walk to the top of the street to the box with an outgoing spot.  it worked out perfectly today because the rain had stopped and we were able to stretch our legs and get some much needed fresh air.  and, of course, they got to experience the thrill of sliding those letters through the slot and hearing them gently clunk on the bottom of the box :)  

the whole walk home, we discussed what would happen next to our letters, and then for the rest of the afternoon, while the little tromped around in big brother's thomas rain boots, we played "mailman", where the big wrote letters, put them in a shoebox, and i got to be the mailman.  of course, he insisted i deliver all the letters back to him, and when he opened them to read, the only thing he said was written on each letter was his address, but we're getting there.  before we knew it, daddy was home and we were able to tell him all about our little excursion.  all in all, a very good afternoon <3