week 12|52

this week's theme is leading lines.  i *love* leading lines.  they're a close third behind black & white edits and negative space (in that order).  i decided to start off the week with two very simple images, a portrait of each kiddo, utilizing leading lines.  i like getting a more portrait-like documentary image of each of my boys every so often so i can remember just how big their eyes are and how round their cheeks are and how sweet and messy and funky their hair is right now.  i like having a real portrait of each of them so i can remember just how soft and kind and bright their eyes are, and how their serious gazes are just as beautiful and soul drenching as their smiles.  i like having authentic, in-the-moment portraits of my boys so that i can remember how perfect and lovely their faces were at every stage of their growing up; so that i can peer into their hearts and souls at this moment in time over and over again.  

for good measure, i did each portrait in color and in black & white.

my heart, poured out and packaged up into these sweet little bodies, wrapped in love and grace <3