day 74

my afternoons (early afternoons, anyway), are a special, sacred time.  both of my kids are pretty decent nappers (hallelujah) so on a typical afternoon, i get at least an hour of silence to do whatever i can't get done during their waking hours.  sometimes that means plopping on the couch and closing my eyes for an hour because i'm too wrung out to make myself move or think, but more often than not it involves eating food i'm unwilling to share and flash cleaning my house as silently as i can.  

today, it meant laundry.

lots and lots and lots of laundry.  thankfully this was laundry that got washed and dried yesterday, so i was down to the folding stage, which means a lot less waiting but a lot more kids-try-to-help if i don't get it done before they wake up.  it's almost like a little game, except that winning just means i need to take it upstairs and put it away, and losing means i have to re-fold it and then take it upstairs and put it away.  still, i like to come to the game prepared.

baby monitors, so if either one of the boys decides to try to end their nap after 40 minutes, i can run upstairs and remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

heating pad, because it was rainy and gross today which meant i was achy, and also because i'm cold all the time and this bad boy keeps me cozy warm.

and the essentials- reheated coffee, the rest of my lunch that i didn't get to finish because the kids staged a coup, a glass of water, and gilmore girls streaming from netflix.

after all of that is gathered and set up (which eats into about 20 minutes of my precious hour), i can finally get down to actually folding.

this is out of focus for a reason.  i was not worthy of an in-focus picture today ;)

unfortunately, i didn't get everything folded before my little minions woke up from their slumber.  on the upside, their mimi bought them some new toys yesterday, so those proved a strong enough distraction (along with an extra episode of thomas the tank engine and a bowl of pretzels each) for me to get the rest folded with minimal, ahem, help :)  now if i could just find the time to actually get all those folded clothes into their drawers...