day 49

one thing i love most about having photography as a hobby is that every now and then, i'll see something that makes me drop everything i'm doing and run for my camera.  sometimes it's a patch of light or a reflection or a set of lines, but whatever it is, i love spotting an image in my surroundings and being able to catch it with my camera for others to see it the way i did.  

because of everything we've had going on in our home over the last few weeks, i've been a little too preoccupied to notice much of my environment beyond the space my children are occupying (and then it's mainly to make sure they're breathing and not causing any sort of irreversible damage).  this week though, i've had two moments where i saw light that stopped me in my tracks.  the first time was when i took this image a few days ago:

i walked into my bedroom to grab a sweatshirt, saw the light pouring in from the one open set of blinds, picked my jaw up off the floor, and then ran downstairs to grab one of my children to stick in the light.  of course, he thought it was a game where to win he had to crawl off the bed, so this was the best i could get, but i do love the rim light on his little profile.  and also, the flare.

and then the second time was today at my best's house.  we were in the middle of a conversation when i think i said something to the effect of "i'm sorry, i need to stick one of my kids in this light".  and then i started moving stuff out of the frame and bribing my children to sit for me since none of them were interested in playing on the stairs.  at least, not while the light was coming in so perfectly; later they were all over those stairs ;)  fortunately the little was still waking up from his car nap so i was able to distract him with toys long enough to capture the gorgeousness.  usually i really try to stick to being documentary when i shoot, especially for my 365, but sometimes i just can't help myself- every now and then, i let art trump authenticity.

day 17, and a week 2 summary

last week suddenly got very busy, so i decided to take full advantage of the "i don't have to blog everyday this year" pact that i made with myself.  but, even though i was posting daily on my facebook page, i hate the idea of this space being so far behind, so here's a quick summary of last week's images.  i stayed on theme through the middle of the week, but by the end i gave up on finding hard light as cloudy days rolled in and instead just photographed whatever spoke to me.

and now onto week 3's theme for day 17: details.  i'm really excited about this week's theme, because capturing details is a really important part of documentary photography, and one that i often forget about.  i really love to pull back from a scene, shoot wide, and include a lot of context.  while that's important and good in storytelling shooting, there's a lot of value in getting in close and catching the small, more intimate parts of a scene.  including details can help bring a lot of emotion and intimacy to a story, and it also helps the viewer feel more connected to a set of images.  i'm going to aim to stay on-theme everyday this coming week so that i can start to train myself to remember to look for and include details every time i shoot.  

i took two sets of images today, but even though i kept a few from the other set for myself as a momma, i decided to only share one image.  this is the one that really stood out to me, and has the feel and look i'm trying to achieve.

there's a lot of wrestling and tickling that goes in our house full of boys.  this is a detail shot of my husband's and my big's hands as they play.

i just finished up the gallery for my first true documentary session, so stay tuned this week for my first session blog post!

day 13

we got snow last night, and then woke up to sunshine this morning.   not only did this mean my oldest was beside himself at the thought of going out to play in the snow, i was pretty excited to have the chance to take some pictures outside for the first time in an eternity while also staying on theme.  the more practical mom side of me was dreading going out because of all the prep work and aftermath of snow play, but photographer mom told her to stuff it and out we went.  i was going to skip  blogging today and only share one of these, but since this is our first snow of the year, i decided to go ahead and share them all.  who knows when we'll get more to play in?

day 12

it's overcast and dreary here today  which means no natural hard light, but never fear- , 

we bought a night light this morning.  

my big has been having some maaaaaajor night time anxiety.  it's kind of coming out of nowhere because he's been a great sleeper for the last year and a half with the exception of the occasional nightmare.  so, we're in phase one of damage control: buy a cool night light and hope that it's sufficient in calming his fears and keeping him asleep, or at least in his bed.  i'm really hoping it keeps us from getting to phase 2, but that's another post.  anyway, the point is we went out and bought a night light this morning, which made for a great opportunity to not only take some documentary images today, but to take some documentary images that fulfill the prompt.  bam.

first i let the big explore it on his own, since it's his and all.

then i let the little take a look because his head was about to roll off with excitement.

then i let them check it out together so the big could explain to the little that he didn't have to keep blowing on it because it's actually not a candle on a birthday cake.

 except the big thought that was funny and decided to encourage it.

so then this happened...

ahhh, life with boys.  things will certainly never be dull :)

day 11

i was starting to get a little nervous about shooting for the theme this week because last week ended with such dreary, overcast weather.  hard light is also called direct light, so it's any kind of light that is shining right on your subject,making them look bright and causing harsh, dark shadows.  you can use artificial indoor lights to create hard light, but it's so much prettier (and easier to edit!) when you use sunshine.  luckily, we woke up to beautiful clear skies today, so i had my pick of plenty of hard light pouring through our back windows and doors throughout the morning.  unluckily, my children spent the majority of the day so far fighting with each other or climbing on me, so opportunities to pick up my camera were thin on the ground.  i had a few golden minutes (referring both to the light and the children) between lunch and nap where i was able to catch them playing peacefully in the warm sunshine. 

clearly my littlest wasn't so much loving that spot, but i was able to trick my big into hanging out in the light long enough to snap a few frames with some mom trickery (you totally can't drive your car all the way over to the window.  there's no way.  mahaha.)  he even let me switch up my angles.

i couldn't decide between color and black and white here.  i love how the color makes the car pop, but black and white really emphasizes the light.  decisions, decisions.

i'm participating in quite a few challenges this week, so keep an eye on my facebook page to stay up on all the action!