day 17, and a week 2 summary

last week suddenly got very busy, so i decided to take full advantage of the "i don't have to blog everyday this year" pact that i made with myself.  but, even though i was posting daily on my facebook page, i hate the idea of this space being so far behind, so here's a quick summary of last week's images.  i stayed on theme through the middle of the week, but by the end i gave up on finding hard light as cloudy days rolled in and instead just photographed whatever spoke to me.

and now onto week 3's theme for day 17: details.  i'm really excited about this week's theme, because capturing details is a really important part of documentary photography, and one that i often forget about.  i really love to pull back from a scene, shoot wide, and include a lot of context.  while that's important and good in storytelling shooting, there's a lot of value in getting in close and catching the small, more intimate parts of a scene.  including details can help bring a lot of emotion and intimacy to a story, and it also helps the viewer feel more connected to a set of images.  i'm going to aim to stay on-theme everyday this coming week so that i can start to train myself to remember to look for and include details every time i shoot.  

i took two sets of images today, but even though i kept a few from the other set for myself as a momma, i decided to only share one image.  this is the one that really stood out to me, and has the feel and look i'm trying to achieve.

there's a lot of wrestling and tickling that goes in our house full of boys.  this is a detail shot of my husband's and my big's hands as they play.

i just finished up the gallery for my first true documentary session, so stay tuned this week for my first session blog post!