day 92, and a new challenge for april

yesterday, i had the great honor of photographing a birth for the very first time.  not only was this something i've been dying to do since i found out it was a thing, but it was extra wonderful because my best friend was the one having the baby.  i'll save all the sappy cheesy fru fru words about how much i love her and how much this experience meant to me when i blog the photos.  my point is this- i have a tooooooooooon of pictures to work through and edit, and my multi-tasking skills have been less than stellar lately.  on top of that, my camera is very much overdue for it's yearly cleaning (i was putting it off for fear of not having it on hand when the above mentioned friend went into labor), which means at some point soon it'll be in the shop for a camera spa day.  and, since my intention at the beginning of the second round of my 365 was to dedicate a month to learning how to create gorgeous pictures with my iPhone, i decided that this would be the perfect time for me to set down my dslr and work on my iphoneography skills for a month.  

so, here are my rules for the month of april:

- all photos will be taken and edited on my iPhone only

- photos can be run through photoshop for watermarking only (until i figure out how to watermark on my phone this will have to be how i do it!)

- at least one blog post per week (so i don't fall too far out of routine)

- at least two images a week need to be taken using a lens attachment (to stretch my creativity!)

- continue to use the project 52 prompts as a guide for shooting

so, with all of that in mind, here's the images i took today.  the first one is on prompt:

walking is such a chore when you're 1.  see the foot drag?  he was so disgruntled that we put him down ;)

and these are two i just took for fun, cause i'm gonna lean into this "phone only photography" thing.

we took an impromptu trip to the zoo today with my dad.  it had been drizzly yucky all morning but after lunch the sun came out for a few hours before some storms rolled in, so we decided to take advantage.  this is when we stopped to check out the red panda, one of my favorites there.

the big, who told me that he had to protect his mischa from the thunderstorm :)

day 89

i took a lot of pictures today, and i'm in an oversharing mood, so i'm going to dump them all into this post.

first- the on prompt shots.  one of my least liked chores as a stay at home mom is to rotate the boys' wardrobes as seasons change or they move up to the next size (or if i'm lucky, both at the same time).  i've been saving diaper boxes the last few months to reorganize and store their clothing in, and a few days ago i popped them in the living room so that i would be motivated to get the job done.  however, i have a tendency to get distracted, and so instead of filling those boxes with clothes to be donated, this happened today:

in my defense, it would have been impossible for me to pack clothes away today anyway, because in case you can't tell, these aren't actually boxes, they're rocketships.  we spent a large chunk of our afternoon counting down and blasting off across the house, and even though my arms are regretting it now, the giggles were totally worth it :)

and now onto some of the other random images i took today.

first, i decided to celebrate the return of direct sunshine into our kitchen in the mornings- even if it only lasts for about 20 minutes- with some intentional oof images.

then this little guy pulled a chair over to the counter and patiently stared down the microwave while waiting for his oatmeal to finish cooking, so of course i had to grab a quick shot.

and lastly, we busted out the new bubble machine mimi got us for easter.  enough said :)

sidenote: we pulled out the big's bike the other day now that it's starting to warm up, and then headed out to pick up a helmet, hoping the promise of riding his bike would be enough to persuade him to actually wear it.  after loudly refusing to try on a single one for close to 15 minutes, he spotted this t-rex helmet and has insisted on wearing it ever since.

week 13|52

yesterday was the start of week 13 and a new theme, chores.  since it was easter, i decided to go off prompt and take some quick, simple nature shots (mostly so i could spend the majority of the day focused on the holiday and my family... and eating!), so today i dove head first into the new theme.

at first i wasn't sure exactly what i wanted to shoot.  i figured it would end up being some sort of self portrait since i do the majority of chores on weekdays.  i wasn't entirely sure how to manage setting up the tripod, completing the chore while photographing it, all the while preventing my kids from attacking the camera.  my husband was off of work for one last day of (very rainy, very windy) spring break, but i've already taken a bunch of images of him vacuuming or doing the dishes and i wanted something different.  and then, as so often happens, an opportunity created itself right in front of my eyes, and i was thankful that i had brought my camera upstairs with me along with both kids and an enormous pile of clean linens.

one of his daily tasks now is to make his bed (or, i should say, "make" his bed), so he was amped when he saw a stripped bed and realized the pile of clean sheets meant making his bed from the bottom up.  he needed daddy's help getting the fitted sheet on, but insisted he do the rest on his own.

then, once the big's bed was cozy and ready to roll, he took off for the little's room, where he decided he would make his brother's crib for him.  of course, the little thought this was a brilliant idea, and so i got to watch a mini toddler assembly line of teamwork form before my eyes.

unfortunately, their idea of "making the crib" turned into "relocating the giant pile of clean linens from it's spot on the bed up and over the crib to a pile in the doorway".  i'm a big believer in picking your battles, and since it was 5-10 solid minutes of happy sibling cooperation and bonding, i figured this wasn't one worth picking :)

when they finally finished the linen relocation project, the big climbed out and then proceeded to climb back in in order to demonstrate to his brother the proper crib climbing technique.  lucky for me, the little couldn't quite figure it out (lord knows i'm not ready to deal with an escapee!) and the big gave up teaching after one attempt in order to test out his bed making handiwork.  

shortly after i took the last shot, i had one very melty toddler and one very annoyed older brother, and so it was off to nap time they went- comfy cozy in their freshly made beds :)