my husband found some butterflies

yesterday we took the kids out to spend the day with our dear friends.  it was hot, but the kids were wild, so we took them out on the back deck to play in the wading pool.  after awhile, they were ready to burn off more steam, so while i sat with my feet in the pool and caught up with our friends, my husband ran with the kids around the yard.

a few laps of their townhouse row later, my sweet, wonderful husband pops his head around the stairs and says "hey, there's a bush down there that's covered in butterflies.  i thought you might want to go take some pictures."

seriously.  they don't make men like him anymore.

so i ran inside and grabbed my camera.  i was halfway to the door when it occurred to me that this was the perfect chance to practice free lensing a little more after a months-long hiatus.  after a few minutes spent hacking my poor neglected 50mm lens, i was outside and zooming my way over to the butterfly bush.  

i wasn't able to grab focus as well as i had hoped (free lensing is always, always harder than i remember it being), but i was still pleased with the number of images i ended up hanging onto.  a little something different for my creative soul :)