day 102

this week's theme is {us}, which means i need to make an effort to include myself in the frame since i'm a part of "us".  it's still april though, and i'm wickedly stubborn, so i'm still making myself shoot with my iphone.  i cannot say emphatically enough how thankful i am the the lens kit i got for christmas also came with a little iphone holder and tripod set up.  so.  thankful.  taking a self portrait is challenging enough with a regular camera, but trying to set up a phone and take a picture with a 10 second timer one frame at a time is... well, let's just say i'm going to get plenty of exercise this week.  if i didn't have the little tripod guy, i'd probably also end up getting a new phone by the end of the week too.  as it is, my kids are (so far) enjoying watching me run back and forth from my phone to wherever they are and then pretending like they don't see the camera (or in some cases, cheesing so hard that i could stick them on a plate of crackers and serve them at a party).  i was feeling dissatisfied with much of what i got today, so i have 2 sets.

set 1: this is where you'll find us on a typical weekday afternoon around 2:30- on the couch, watching tv, eating snack, and generally trying to wake up and gear up for the second half of the day.

and set 2: when we start to get restless, you'll find us in the kitchen looking for creative ways to eat our way out of our boredom.  today we made 3 ingredient microwave cakes- 1 banana, 1 egg, 1 tbsp cocoa powder.  bam.  yummy afternoon boredom killer.

and one more unrelated to this week's theme- because when you put away a set of toys for several weeks and then pull them back out, it's like they're brand new and even more captivating than they were the first time around, and that's something to share and celebrate :)