personal photojournalism: fall arrives

i'm going to keep the words brief and the images plentiful for this month's blog circle.  as much as i'd love to talk about the fabulous tree at the top of our street that drops its gorgeous yellow leaves several weeks before the rest of the trees in the neighborhood, i think it would be a lot more effective just to show you.

the best part of this tree is that it's right by the special secret spot in our neighborhood where you can almost watch the sun go down instead of just losing it behind the tree line, so there's usually some really yummy light up there at the end of the day.

so when i still needed a picture for my 365 after a long and busy day, and dinner was finished but bedtime still hadn't arrived, and the kids were rammy, the tree and the sunset were calling to us.

it ended up being the most perfect 30 minutes.  the weather was beautiful, the kids were in their element, and the rest of the world just kind of fell away from us as we played and i clicked away.

happy fall :)  be sure to follow the circle around to amanda's post see what she's been up to as the seasons change! Family Photographer in Gwinnett County

another park find

our days of hours-at-a-time spent outside are numbered again as summer ends and the cool weather rolls in.  i was given a harsh reminder today that i don't handle the cold and damp the way i used to, and i realized that we'll probably be spending more time inside this fall and winter than i'd like.  fortunately, the sun was shining this morning (at least at first), so we decided to use one of our numbered days to visit our favorite park again.  

our first half hour was spent exploring the tunnels, stairs, bridges, and slides that wind and twist their way across the park.  one of the things i love most about this park is that it encourages kids to exercise their bodies and their minds.  there's so much to explore and imagine in this place that even i sometimes get lost in the magic of it.

eventually they realized that we hadn't been on the swings yet, so we headed on over to the swing set, both kids hopping onto the big kid swings and giving me a good work out running back and forth between them to keep them going fast enough (we really need to work on pumping).  from the safety of their little red swings, they watched another kiddo swing on the tire swing for about 10 minutes.  once she hopped off, my little made a beeline for it and begged me to put him on- at which point the big decided he was feeling brave enough to try it out too.

to put it simply, they LOVED it.  so much that they were on the tire swing for at least 20 minutes, and i had plenty of time to take a ridiculous number of photos.  prepare for tire swing overload ;)  many of these are painfully similar, so if you're bored you can scroll through to the end- i won't mind.  i just adore the smiles on their sweet faces too much to keep them to myself.

and, since it's selfie week, i figured i might as well jump on and see if i could manage to get any in focus.  somehow, i did :)

happy monday!