walking harrisburg

last weekend, i got to kill two birds with one stone when i met one of my photographer friends in real life for the first time and did some more street shooting as we walked the streets of harrisburg together.  it was just as wonderful as the day i spent walking lancaster with another photographer friend- and i think that i'm very, very slowly becoming more comfortable with photographing random people on the street.  

during my first photo walk, i avoided people as much as i could and stuck to architecture and detail shots.  this time, however, i really wanted to be more intentional about shooting the people that bring the city to life.  i'm a master people watcher (ask my husband; he often points out that i'm staring even though i had no idea), so all i really need to do is put my camera in front of my face and do what i usually do.  the problem is, a lot of people run away as soon as they see your camera, either because they think they're in your way or because they don't want to be photographed, so it requires a little bit of sneakiness to get what you're going for.  i've still got to refine my technique a little bit, and i ended up missing focus on what would have been my favorite shot of the day (amish guy with beard below!), but i did end up with a few i'm relatively pleased with.

here's (some of) harrisburg through my eyes :)

shooting street

i've been wanting to try street photography for some time now.  it's a style that has always intrigued me, but the thought of actually doing it was always so intimidating that i never bothered to try.  besides, i didn't have the equipment or ability to even think about attempting it until after my kids came on the scene- and the idea of juggling my children while also tackling a brand new style of photography (in public, in an unfamiliar setting) was enough to make me want to hide in my house and never leave.


but then, an opportunity presented itself for me to try street shooting in philadelphia with a group of other like-minded women- and the best part was that it was an event that was scheduled for 2 days after i turned 30.  there couldn't have been a better opportunity for me to step out and try something new just for me.  so, i lined up a babysitter (coughmyparentscough) and signed up.

of course, i was crushed when the city walk was canceled due to weather.  but, like so many things, an unfortunate situation ended up turning into something even better.  a friend i met online through my first 365 project only lives about 30 minutes from me, and when she heard of my disappointment, offered to meet up with me to take our own walk through the streets of lancaster city.  my wonderful husband agreed to take over for the afternoon so i could have a few hours to worry about nothing but what was on the other side of my lens, and so michelle and i headed out for lunch and a relaxed stroll around the city while we chatted and snapped away.

we started at the market and then headed over to the convention center, and from there i honestly don't remember where we walked.  i'm directionally challenged to begin with, and add that to being entrenched in finding interesting things to photographing and it's a miracle i'm able to even remember that we were in lancaster.

and while these images that i took that morning are nothing spectacular, they still have meaning to me.  i'm eager to get out and walk the city again so that i can work on creating images that have life and connection, but these images will always be the proof that i tried something new and different and that i was finally willing to step out of my box.

i'm already going through these and looking at everything i want to differently next time- switch lenses, go out at sunrise, get lower, shoot higher, slow down- but i also look at these remember that every great thing starts somewhere.  i hope this can be my starting point for something new that i can continue to pursue and improve.