our new favorite place

this summer, my boys and i discovered that we really, really love picking our own fruit.  we've gone blueberry picking twice, raspberry picking once, strawberry picking two or three times (i can't remember because the trips are all blurring together) and today we went peach picking for the second time.  the orchard has become our new favorite place to spend our mornings.

today, we were lucky enough to bring daddy along, which meant a (slightly) easier time capturing our visit, and some very excited boys who couldn't wait to show their dad the finer points of peach picking- including, but not limited to: making sure you only pick the peaches that are still on the tree, avoiding branches at eye level, the art of getting a peach with the leaves still attached, and dropping the same peach over and over to speed the ripening process.

oh, and we also had a storm trooper escort.

it was a really, really fun morning.