personal photojournalism: june photo dump

once you're done checking out my month, make sure to scoot your way around the blog circle by checking out crane creek photography's post- amanda's gwinnett county family photography is just beautiful!

i've noticed that the older i get, the faster time seems to slip through my fingers.  when i was a kid, an hour could stretch the span of an entire day; even as a teenager, time was a thing that i impatiently waited to pass me by.  

now that i'm grown, married, and have two kids and a husband that i would like to cherish, it seems that a day barely lasts an hour.  don't get me wrong, there are pockets of time within each rapidly passing day that feel as though they stretch across a lifetime (i'm looking at you, grocery store temper tantrums), but overall, i would give anything to have those days back where the first week of a month would keep going for an eternity.

all of this to say that the month of june breezed past me like my 3 year old streaking through my living room- i knew it was happening, but by the time i had a chance to look up and really see what was going on, it was already gone.  

i took a ton of pictures this month, many of which never made it past my desktop, so i decided i'd share some of them in one great big photo-dump post for this month's personal photojournalism blog post.

 i figure if i can't slow down time, then i might as well use it to the best of my advantage and document the moments i wish would last.

i already look forward to years from now, when they don't fit in my lap anymore, when they'd rather be alone in their rooms than racing cars around the floor with me, when their voices are deep instead of raspy and soft, to pulling out these photos and being able to remember.  

it will be like retrieving the minutes and hours that have slipped past without my permission and holding on to them for just a little longer.

the painful truth is, these days i'm living now are fleeting.  they are beautiful and joy-filled and frustrating and exhausting, but i know that i'll blink and they'll be over.  and because of that, i'm thankful for these images i have, these little pockets of time collected and saved to be re-lived and re-loved and to stand as proof that it really did happen, and it really was as wonderful as the memories make it seem <3

happy july everyone- make it a month to remember :)