two days in one, with 200 days to go

for those who haven't been following me long, i'm currently on my second project 365, which means that since january 2015 i've been taking, editing and posting at least one photo a day.  in that time, i have only missed posting a daily photo twice- once was a few months ago when i was very sick and unable to effectively use my arms, and the second time was yesterday, when my big decided that instead of our usual evening routine of a family walk followed by bath, bed, and then me getting my daily photo done, he would rather bust open his head on the driveway and spend 2 hours in urgent care with me.  so, even though i had taken several photos throughout the day yesterday, by the time i got him stitched up, back home, and asleep in his own bed, it was late and i was d.o.n.e.  i decided that having to experience the trauma of my 3 year old experiencing the trauma of getting stitches for the first time was a valid excuse for skipping a post, and so this post is a combination of day 165 and day 166.  

this is kind of neat (at least for me, cause i'm a nerd) because day 165 would be the "200 days to go!!!!" day for a normal project 365- but this year is a leap year so technically, day 166 is the "200 days to go!!!!" point.  so instead of feeling squirmy and needing to choose which day to highlight a (mostly meaningless) day in this project of mine, yesterday's missed post means i can skip deciding and do a happy dance while smooshing the days together- because sometimes, crap happens (3 year olds with stitches), and other times, life wraps itself up neatly into brown paper and ties itself up with a sweet little bow and sits happily on my desk while i work (this post).

so, here's day 165 (i only got 2 keepers... yesterday was a hard day):

and here's today, day 166:

please notice, in the above images, that his legs are covered in frozen band aids.  these are the band aids that i spent a ridiculous amount of money on this morning in order to bribe him into covering up his head wound so that i don't have to stare at it all day.  upon purchasing these band aids, he developed an immediate and pressing need to cover every blemish he could find on his legs until every movie character was adequately represented with each stride.  but, when i asked who he wanted to cover up his stitches:

notice the lovely gash just below his hair line.  this is a spirited explanation of how he got his boo-boo and why stitches obviously don't require a band aid.  he's a hand talker, just like his momma.  poor thing.

and so, his unscathed legs remain covered with half a box of overpriced licensed band aids, and his 3 stitches remain oh-so-pleasantly uncovered in plain sight.  sigh.  at least he's cute ;)

and hey- 200 days to go!!!!