day in the life- self portrait style

starting last year, when my little turned a year old, i decided that birthdays were the perfect occasion to shoot day in the life sessions of the people in my family.  i've done one for each kiddo so far, although i admittedly skipped my husband's birthday this year.  it fell on a weekday, so 9 hours of his day would be missing from the photos (and following him to work with the kids and my camera is oddly frowned upon ;) ).  so, when my 30th birthday rolled around, i thought- LIZ.  this is a GREAT opportunity to do a day in the life session of yourself.  you should totally do it girl.

except then i chickened out.  i was way too intimidated by the idea of setting my camera up every time i went to do something, especially with two kids around and no one to help me referee.  but then, 2 weeks later, someone in one of the groups i'm in posted asking if anyone would be down for shooting a self-portrait day in the life along with her.  i couldn't ignore it.  i should have done it on my birthday, but this was the perfect opportunity to make it up to myself.  so, yesterday i set up my camera all day long and captured what a day looks like from my perspective.

a few disclaimers before i share- first, i started the day off really optimistically, with a twinkle in my eye and a spring in my step.  there are lots of morning pictures.  by the time nap time ended, my energy had all but fizzled.  there are not as many afternoon/evening pictures.  also, many of these photos are not stunning examples of beautifully executed photography.  i was moving fast whenever i set my camera up, both in regards to my settings and with getting my camera balanced on whatever shelf/object i was perching it on (i had left my tripod in the car, and my husband happened to take my car to work that day, so i had to get creative- as seen with the shopping cart pictures... the trunk of my husband's car has a deceptively steep slant).  normally when i shoot, i make every effort to get it close to perfect in camera so i don't have much post-processing work to do.  with these, i was making every effort to make sure i caught the moments without disrupting our routine too much, so more of these than i care to admit were saved in post (especially the bedtime ones... you'll see what i mean).  oh, and there are lots of head/limb/body chops.  it's hard to compose when you can't see where you'll be in the frame ahead of time- and i just didn't have the option of running back and forth to the camera to fix positioning with two kids to look after.  and lastly, i usually do posts like these with pictures and words.  not this time.  this is it for the words.  i'm going to post the pictures chronologically and let them tell the story.

enjoy :)