tulips want to be photographed too

after a glorious day of sunshine yesterday, i was a little disheartened to wake up to a gloomy sky blanketed in clouds this morning.  i had checked the forecast at bedtime, so it wasn't like i didn't know it was coming, but i was hoping this would be one of those times the forecast was wrong.

of course, it was dead on, and as a result i spent much of the day wandering around the house wishing for sunshine and half-heartedly trying to engage my kids in playtime.  unfortunately, they were so busy thinking wistfully of the hours we spent outside splashing in the creek yesterday that they weren't so much interested in what i had to offer, and so we ended up passing the time grocery shopping and then lazing around.

by the time 4 o'clock rolled around, it occurred to me that i had neglected to even give my camera a passing thought, and so i began casting my eyes and brain around the house trying to find something worthy of photographing on this less than inspiring day.  my kids had both descended deep into the land of grouchiness, so i knew they were both out, and yesterday fulfilled my self-portrait quota for the next 100 years, so that wasn't an option either.  i was starting to contemplate asking my studly husband to sit in some window light for 5 minutes for me when i wandered aimlessly into the kitchen and my eyes landed on the vase full of gorgeous spring goodness my parents sent me for my birthday.

my husband owes these tulips- they were sitting there just begging to be photographed, and consequently they saved him from several minutes of certain torture.  i quickly hacked my 50 mm lens and started free lensing away, and before i knew it my bad mood started to shed and i found myself feeling not-quite-so bitter about the seemingly never-ending grey that has settled over our spring.

i clicked away until i ran out of angles to try, which luckily happened right around the time the little started climbing up onto the chair i was standing on.  i took and kept more than i had originally intended, and while i meant to edit them to be one cohesive and matching set, i ended up finishing each image with whatever i felt looked best for it individually.  i like the feel of creating a family of photos that goes together, but sometimes they each need to be treated as their own unique image, so tonight i rolled with it.

and here is the result- thirteen tulip images for this friday the thirteenth :)  happy spring- sunshine is surely on its way.