day 98

a few confessions tonight before i post the pictures:

1. when i opened up the set of lenses for my iPhone 6 that i got for christmas from my super cool little brother, i was SO pumped.  but i specifically remember pulling out the telephoto lens in the box (after drooling over the fish eye for a minute) and thinking "this is neat, but when the heck am i EVER going to use this one?"

well, today i actually went running for that telephoto lens.  my first impressions almost always end up being wrong.

2.  i broke one of my rules for my april iphone challenge.  i did a little extra photoshopping to these images to add some more negative space because.... well, because i love negative space.  no shame.

3.  birds sometimes freak me out.  i don't mind one or two at a time, especially if they're being all pretty at my bird feeder or hopping around all cute on my deck, but when they start chasing each other back and forth between trees, especially en masse, i start to get a little squicky.  let's just say i scooted myself back inside a little faster than was necessary after i took these.

also important to point out- i did three pretty different edits on these three otherwise very similar images.  i couldn't decide which direction i wanted to take with the set, so instead of trying to be cohesive, i just went three different ways.

okay.  enjoy.