day 111

popping in quickly tonight to say that the "shoot to freeze motion with the dslr" plan has so far been a major fail.  i have pulled out my nikon the last 2 days, but each time i can barely get even one image that feels good enough to keep.

it seems as though my life as a photographer is going to run in cycles of 2-3 bad weeks for every good week.  repeat.  over and over.  for eternity.  sigh.

oh, and only 2 iphone shots today.  there was much mom-ing to be done that didn't leave much time or space for photographing, even with just my phone (and what i really mean here is that every time i'd pull out my phone to take a shot, my little would sneeze and half his brain would come out.  yay allergies!).  i'm thinking tomorrow and then this weekend will be my chance to renew and revive.  and even if things don't improve, i plan to shoot right on through, because the good news is, when things swing down, there's nowhere left to go but up :)