week 10|52

last week was kind of a bust for me.  for the first time in well over a year, i wasn't able to take a picture one day, and the following 2 days i found the strength to click a few shots, but had no energy to post.  and the worst part was, the theme for the project 52 last week was {day in the life}.  i didn't get to do a full day of shooting once last week... boo :(

the good news is, the theme for this week is {black and white}, which means that i can go crazy shooting the way i always do and it will fit right in.  i'm still not back at the top of my game, but i'm going to make the climb with a vengeance.  

to start the week off, i decided i'd celebrate my favorite style by going high contrast.

to infinity and beyond!

ride like the wind, bullseye ;)

and then a little later on, my boys noticed me on a frantic cleaning spree and they decided to jump in and help- so i put down my own rag long enough to document it.  someday i'll use these images as proof that they did in fact once enjoy chores.

window cleaning is serious stuff :)