day 85

today was one of those days where instead of playing around with my camera for awhile to get a shot i liked, i had a specific image in my head that i set out to take.  in fact, i had my camera in hand for less than 10 minutes total today, which was kind of a nice break from carrying it around for hours.  and, i managed to get almost exactly the picture i was hoping to get, plus one i hadn't thought of before i started shooting.

i really love the light we get in our our stairwell.  even though it's very dim, it's also really dramatic while still being soft.  the above picture is one i hadn't envisioned, but i noticed the line the rail created as he started down and snapped it in a split second before he turned the corner.  i was lucky enough to grab focus and get a keeper :)

this was the one i had in mind when i set out to take today's picture.  i love the lines created by the rail and the stairs, and the way the light works its way into the frame.  because the stairwell is so dark, i had my ISO cranked way up which created a decent amount of grain.  usually i feel like grainy photos look better in b&w, but i actually really liked the color look here, so i decided to do a version of each.

happy friday all!  we've got a busy Easter weekend, so the next few days will likely be blog-less ones.  look for a daily photo on my facebook page instead :)