day 83

today's post a big mish mash of random images i took today.  the sun was shining, spring was in the air, and i could have taken photos all day long.  i made myself keep my camera in the bag for most of the day so i could fully enjoy it with the kiddos, but the times i did pull it out, i had more fun than they did ;)

first we did some running at our best friends' house.  if i was more confident and thought on my toes more, i would have actually attempted to free-lens these.  when i pulled them up in lightroom it occurred to me that they would have looked so much better that way... so i faked it with the edit  ;)

then we came home, the kids took a quick nap, and when they woke up there was a ton of warm sunshine dumping onto our deck.  so of course we stripped them down to their tee shirts and put out a few water buckets for them to play in.  usually the little is all over water play, but he woke up so far on the wrong side of the bed this afternoon that i'm pretty sure he was in the next room, so he wasn't so much feeling it. 

the big, on the other hand, has a tendency to avoid water play, but his cards must have fallen just right today because "water play" somehow turned into "water fight" with daddy, and amazing giggles ensued.

once the water throwing started, the little suddenly decided he hated water more than anyone has ever hated anything, ever.  and, since he's recently started this thing where he refuses to be touched when he's angry, i took advantage, hopped down off the deck and snapped these (please put a sara mclachlan song on before scrolling down to view these):