a quick catch up post

on day 59, i took no pictures, but i somehow managed a post.

on days 60 and 61, i took a few pictures, but i didn't post.

today, i made sure i took a few more pictures, and i'm doing a quick post before i collapse into bed because i hate that i let myself miss a few days.

the theme for week 9 is "day in the life", and it's really unfortunate that i decided to get sick during this theme because this is my theme.  i live for this theme.  i had big plans of doing a different kind of "day in the life" shoot for every day this week.  instead i've just been taking pictures of the interesting things that happen as my kids take advantage of me being stuck on the couch ;)  

day 59: a little table side attitude.

day 60: when grandaddy visits...

day 61: play time on the deck.

day 62: the main reason i think i started to feel better today ;)