day 79

weekends in our house typically fall under one of two extremes: non-stop busy or stay-in-our-pajamas-till-dinner lazy.  we tossed around the idea of going to an easter event today, but i was in big need of sleep, so i slept in while the kids logged some daddy time.  by the time i was up and moving, it was too late in the morning to fit anything in before nap time, so it automatically turned into a lazy day.  and, since lazy days don't really lend themselves to interesting stories, i decided to try something different today.  to help give me some direction for the afternoon, and to give a full look at what lazy looks like around here, i gave myself 2-3 minutes to take a few frames of what we were up to every half hour from the end of nap time to when we sat down for dinner.

2:30- wake up slowly.  really, really slowly.

3:00- play time with cars and thomas the train toys for the 800th time 

3:30- run to the store with daddy to pick up a few things that we forgot while we were out yesterday

4:00- take advantage of a kid-free house and unload the dishwasher

4:30- return from the store and refuel with daddy.  and also thomas the train.

5:00-  a little more play time with daddy, thomas the train, and cars.

5:30- cook dinner

and there it is, a lazy afternoon in our life :)