day 77

we had a thunderstorm today.  it was one of those storms that rolls in out of nowhere, hits hard, and then is gone before you really get a chance to enjoy it.  normally i'd be disappointed at how quickly it came and went, but the truth is, the brevity of this storm was a very good thing. 

my little is still at that age where, if i act like something is cool or exciting, he automatically thinks it's cool and exciting too.  so while i was running around the house with my camera ooooo-ing and aahhhh-ing over the scary mothership of clouds settling over our neighborhood like that scene in independence day, he was right there running around with me.

my big, on the other hand, has always hated loud noises and anything sudden or unpredictable, so thunderstorms are not exactly his cup of tea.  last summer he did pretty well with them because he was mostly still in the place his brother is in now, so with a lot of plastered on smiles and clapping we got through them sans meltdown.  unfortunately, he went ahead and got older and smarter (without my permission) and he has since learned to identify the overenthusiastic face and voice that come out when i'm trying to make a scary something seem not so scary.  below is the face he made in response to this face/voice combination of mine following one of those lightning bolts that strikes so close you can hear it as it leaves the clouds and travels down to the ground.

he had been on approach to climbing up my legs and hiding under my shirt just seconds before this was taken.  however, he's fairly intuitive and i think he could tell that not only do i genuinely enjoy thunderstorms (although i do oversell it a bit) but also that i was trying to keep his brother from noticing that booming thunder and dark clouds can be legitimately frightening.  and so, he did his best to slap on a big old fake smile, and then sat in silence for the remainder of the storm, nervously glancing back and forth between his toy that he struggled to fully engage with and the open back door.

the little, on the other hand, was pretty much glued to the back door, laughing and pointing as the wind snuck in and pressing his hand to the screen when the rain started coming down to try to feel the mist flying off the big drops as they splashed onto the deck.

and then, as quickly as the thunder had rolled in and the clouds had accumulated, they started to thin and fade, and even though the rain persisted, the sun shone strong enough through to cast some late afternoon shadows and some post-storm peace.

the light that shone down through the clouds reflected off the water on the deck and sent this beautiful light onto our ceiling:

and then a minute or two later, the rain stopped completely, and all that was left of the storm was a rain-and-sun-soaked deck, a knocked over watering can, and a relieved big brother who was finally able to return to his toys :)