personal photojournalism: saturday morning

several months ago, while i was still over on my original blog, adventures of a momtographer, i was a part of a really awesome group of photographers that started a monthly blog circle dedicated to documenting our own families' stories.  we took a (long!) unexpected break during the craziness of the holidays, but now we're back and ready to pick up where we left off- with one small change.  previously, each month's post was themed around a quote chosen by a group member, but now we've decided to simply choose a story that is significant to our family to document.  the shift in focus came at an excellent time since the 3 men in my household recently established a new saturday morning tradition.  when you're done here, make sure you follow the circle around to jj killins' blog to see what stories her family is writing!

my husband is a big fan of french toast, but since i have celiac disease (and gluten free bread costs $9 a loaf) i don't make it all that often for the family.  not too long ago, he asked me to show him how to make it so that he could have it from time to time without needing to use my bread or ask me to handle his.  well, once my big figured out that daddy was cooking, he just had to be daddy's helper, which of course meant my little wanted to jump in too, and 2 or 3 french toast breakfasts later it's become their saturday morning routine.  they wake up with cartoons and apple juice and once the sleepy has worn out of their eyes, they head off to the kitchen.

there's some quick prep:

and then they're ready to get started.

of course, cooking with 2 kids under the age of 4 means that sometimes things get sidetracked.

but the end result is always the same :)

i'm looking forward to all the french toast saturdays we have ahead of us :)

don't forget to swing over to jj killins photography next to see what they've documented this month!