day 39

yesterday was the start of week 6 of the project 52 that i'm following along with, and the new theme is a personal favorite of mine- low light.  since i do the majority of my shooting indoors- and since i chose the middle of winter to start learning about photography last year- i was forced to learn how to shoot in low light conditions, and i ended up loving it.  it's like a personal challenge to try to find different pockets of light hidden throughout my house, and the shadows and contrasts created in low light situations have the potential to be very unique and visually intriguing.  

yesterday i didn't work with the theme as much as i normally would have, but that's because i spent most of the day helping to throw and shoot my very best friend's baby shower (so stay tuned for that post sometime soon!) and by the end of the day i was too wrung out to take a specific low light shot.  i knew i wanted to spend some more time today seeking out low light scenarios, and luckily for me, it was nice and overcast outside today.  so, all i had to do was shut all our lights out, open the shades, and let my kids play while i clicked around this morning.

i was quickly reminded that my camera tends to get stubborn and uncooperative with auto focus in situations like this (meaning high contrast lighting where my subject is moving... fast).  this was one of the few photos that grabbed sharp focus, although i do like the feel of some of the out of focus images.

and this one... well, there's just so many things "wrong" with this photo that it probably should have just gone straight in the trash.  but that face though.  you don't just delete a smile like that :)

and this last one here is a great example of why i really love shooting in low light.  i just love the shadows in this image, and how the light draws your eye right to my big and helps to tell the story.  because, who doesn't like to take pretend naps in their brother's doorway?