day 36

over the past week, picking up my camera has been an afterthought.  i've been lucky to end up with one or two images that i felt were worth keeping, let alone sharing.  so, today, i gave myself permission to pick up my camera when i felt like it, and take pictures of whatever i felt like.  i didn't worry about themes or prompts or even my 365.  my only goal was to jump behind my lens and let myself relax.

i kind of like what i got today.  here's to not worrying :)

first, this guy spent some solo time waking up while big brother napped:

which included trying on (and then taking off) daddy's boots...

then we played with light sabres:

and this one was kind enough to stand still juuuuuuuuust long enough in the beautiful sunshine for me to catch his sweet profile <3