day 57: a (very) short story

the tricky thing with free-lensing, at least for me as a nikon user (because remember, i need to hack my lens every time i want to free-lens), is that i can't do it at the spur of the moment.  that means it doesn't play well with documentary photography.  usually i'll have my camera on me or at least close by, and when i see something i want to photograph, i just grab and go.  with free-lensing, i need to get myself set up and ready, and i don't want to leave my lens detached from my camera while i hang around waiting for a photograph-able moment, so many times this week, i've had to nudge a moment along in my favor.  which is why i may have taken my kid's snack bowl from him today while he was in the middle of eating.  soooo, i'm not winning any mom of the year awards, but at least i got some cute pictures out of it!  and truthfully, the pictures do capture something he does all the time, he just didn't necessarily choose to do it himself this one particular time ;)

after wondering why on earth i took his bowl away, he realizes i put it on the shelf behind the couch.  target acquired.

making sure everything is as it should be in there.

yup.  i'll be taking this now.

...i was never here...

happy friday all :)