day 56

my photography has once again dropped down towards the bottom of my priorities list this week.  in fact, it's been on a burner so far back that it might actually be in the neighbor's house.  i'm hoping next week i'll be able to devote a little more time and energy to creating my photos, along with jumping back into the online photography community a little more.  i've missed out on doing much sharing lately and it's bumming me out.  but anyway, today i decided to not worry about getting the perfect shot, and instead i just played around and let myself enjoy practicing with free-lensing instead of stressing over it.  my big has been very anti-camera lately, so the little is again the subject of today's pictures.  they turned out very differently from the pictures that i usually take, but i decided to embrace them for what they are and roll with it.

i'll call this series "whoa.  look at this amazing toy."   ;)

and these next 3 go together; they're just too cute: