day 53: continued adventures in free-lensing

i wrestled a little bit with whether or not i wanted to choose a single image to post today, or if i should just go ahead and put all of what i got out there.  in the interest of remaining authentic, i figured i might as well share them all.  it's clear that free-lensing isn't my strong suit, so this week i'm not as concerned with showcasing my best work as i am with sharing the learning process.  

so- today i took my kids for a "hike" (as much as you can hike with a 1 and a 3 year old), and right before we turned around to head back to the car, they started asking for a snack.  i gave them each a granola bar, so as they chowed down and (mostly) stayed put, i thought i would try free-lensing the sun filtering in through the leafless trees...

yeah, not so much.  i mean, the flare is awesome, but that's about all these have going for them.  for the life of me i couldn't get a single thing in focus, not matter how much i twirled the manual focus ring on my lens.  i figured i would try again once we got home on a stationary object that wasn't quite so far away.  that was until we spotted a little bridge over a small creek on our walk back to the car, and the kids realized how cool it was to throw rocks into the water.  so, while they were occupied and (relatively) unlikely to fall into the water themselves, i decided to be brave and attempt to free-lens non-stationary subjects.

out of this set, i like the last one the best.  i think it's cool that i somehow (don't ask me how) managed to get his little hand in focus- although i do love the detail in the railing on the first one, and then varying degrees of out of focusness (new word!) in the second.  they each kind of tell a story in their own way.

i thought that was going to be it for free-lensing attempts for the day, but this afternoon was crazy beautiful out, so we took some of our favorite toys out on the deck to play with.  being outside has this magical effect of making kids super engaged with what they're doing, so i ended up with another really good stretch of time to mess around with my camera while they played contentedly.

i took quite a few while we were out there, but only ended up with these 2 that were kind of worth keeping.  i definitely prefer the second over the first.

one of the main things i noticed tonight when i was going through these images is that they're all lacking in interesting light and composition- you know, two of the most important elements in a strong photograph.  i get so focused in on getting the free-lensing part correct that i forget that i'm still trying to create a compelling image.  so, my goal for tomorrow is to think of the overall image first and the free-lensing part second.  we'll see how that goes ;)