day 50

i didn't get any single great images today, so instead i'll share a handful of okay photos that are a brief photographic summary of what day-to-day love looks like in our house :)

the snuggles i get with them as i bring them downstairs after nap are some of the few true solo moments i have with each of them during the day.

even when they're not feeling all that cuddly, those few moments are ones that i look forward to every day.

letting little brother peek over his shoulder while he draws- definitely the 3 year old version of "i love you".

love is offering to wipe little brother's nose for him.

and also, letting big brother "wipe your nose".

love is getting your brother a blanket when he's worn out from jumping off the couch.

and waiting by the door when daddy gets home so you can hug him as soon as possible <3