day 49

one thing i love most about having photography as a hobby is that every now and then, i'll see something that makes me drop everything i'm doing and run for my camera.  sometimes it's a patch of light or a reflection or a set of lines, but whatever it is, i love spotting an image in my surroundings and being able to catch it with my camera for others to see it the way i did.  

because of everything we've had going on in our home over the last few weeks, i've been a little too preoccupied to notice much of my environment beyond the space my children are occupying (and then it's mainly to make sure they're breathing and not causing any sort of irreversible damage).  this week though, i've had two moments where i saw light that stopped me in my tracks.  the first time was when i took this image a few days ago:

i walked into my bedroom to grab a sweatshirt, saw the light pouring in from the one open set of blinds, picked my jaw up off the floor, and then ran downstairs to grab one of my children to stick in the light.  of course, he thought it was a game where to win he had to crawl off the bed, so this was the best i could get, but i do love the rim light on his little profile.  and also, the flare.

and then the second time was today at my best's house.  we were in the middle of a conversation when i think i said something to the effect of "i'm sorry, i need to stick one of my kids in this light".  and then i started moving stuff out of the frame and bribing my children to sit for me since none of them were interested in playing on the stairs.  at least, not while the light was coming in so perfectly; later they were all over those stairs ;)  fortunately the little was still waking up from his car nap so i was able to distract him with toys long enough to capture the gorgeousness.  usually i really try to stick to being documentary when i shoot, especially for my 365, but sometimes i just can't help myself- every now and then, i let art trump authenticity.