baby henry

it's always an interesting thing, seeing the people you knew before kids step into the role of 'parent'.  my husband met our friend jordan in one of their computer courses early on in college, and he quickly became a part of our group.  we would all hang out on the weekends- grilling in the shared yards of the little off campus townhouses they lived in, bar crawling, and in general enjoying a life of few(er) responsibilities.

when we met aliena a few years later after she and jordan started dating, we were immediately struck by how perfect she was for him- sweet as could be, down to earth, but with the perfect amount of lightheartedness to match jordan's goofy, fun loving nature.  their wedding was full of joy and laughter, because they're two people who are full of love and laughter, and when we heard that aliena was expecting, we knew their home would be full of joy and laughter, too.

even still, i couldn't help but be a little surprised when jordan greeted me two saturdays ago with 8-day-old henry curled in his arms.  it didn't take me long to move past that surprise though- these two are such natural parents, it's like they'd had henry all their lives instead of just a week and a day.

they worked seamlessly together as mom and dad- grabbing diapers or socks, checking his schedule with one another, passing him off so they each had a chance to get some baby time and some coffee time.  watching them as a family of three was like watching a scene in a movie where everyone breaks out into song and dance at the same time- there's no way they could have rehearsed it, but still everyone knows the moves and works together to create something beautiful.

that was this sweet family- following each others' leads and making it work moment by moment in beautiful harmony, with henry soaking it all up with the bliss that only a newborn can have.

(many thanks to melissa hines photography for being the inspiration behind the above shot.  it's one of my favorites from the session, and it allowed us to incorporate a meaningful item into their photos, too)

my heart is so full for these friends of mine.  it's such an honor to have been there to document the early days of this transition for them into this wonderful new stage of life.  i'm so excited for all of the amazing things they have ahead of them <3