day 8

it's been a challenging few photography days.  i've been way overshooting only to delete the vast majority of images i take, but i just can't seem to take any photos that i'm actually happy with.  today i didn't even pick up my camera until mid-afternoon, although i'm willing to partially blame that on our marathon of errands this morning.  as the light started stubbornly dimming around 2:30, as it does in the winter, i reluctantly pulled my camera out and figured i'd log one more "me" photo before the theme closes out tomorrow.

my most genuine smiles always happen when i'm watching my kiddos play :)

i wasn't going to set up for this one because i've taken so many photos of us on our couch that look just like this.  the only way they really differ is what we're doing on the couch (eating? sleeping?  throwing toys at our brothers?) and what items are cluttering the ledge behind.  but the truth is, a lot of our life happens on that couch.  it's where the kids wake up in the morning, and from naps in the afternoon.  it's where i drink my coffee at 5 am, and where my husband and i catch an hour of tv time together in the evenings.  it's where i spent countless hours nursing both my babies after we brought them home.  it's where we get them dressed and tie shoes, eat snack and read books.  this couch appears over and over in my photographs because it is used over and over in our lives.  it is the centerpiece of our home, and one day when it's gone, i'll look back on these images and smile as i remember all the love that was contained in it.

and, aside from all that lovely sentimental stuff above, i'm glad i set it up because shortly after i took that first solo selfie, this happened:

me, in my happiest of places.

i mean, what's not to love about that?