day 7

and just like that, the first week is over.  i don't know how, but each year of my life seems to slip past a little bit faster than the year before.  i dread turning fifty because i think i'll blink and suddenly be sixty.  but anyway.

the group i'm doing the project 52 with is going to run themes sunday to saturday, so the {me} theme is getting extended by a few days to make that happen.  of course, i decided to go off prompt today, but i just figured i'd throw that out there in case another self portrait happens tomorrow.  in fact, when i couldn't come up with any sort of {me} image i felt like shooting today, i decided to pop over to the bethadilly blog for some inspiration.  the prompt?

free choice.

ah, irony.

so, i just pulled out my camera, popped on my new lens (yup, i'm the proud new owner of my very own 35 mm 1.8, hooray!  now i don't have to borrow my dad's every time i'm over there and then "forget" to return it for weeks on end) and went with an old standby: sleeping baby (who is actually a toddler now, but we're not discussing that).

and then of course my big decided to wake up, so i figured i'd take advantage of that.

and all that ruckus woke up the little one, sooooo