day 5

i've been a stay at home mom for a year and a half now.  since i stopped working, i've learned that being at home all day with young children means that you suddenly exist in some new alternate reality where time operates exclusively at two opposite extremes: you blink and the entire day is over, or it moves so slowly that the clock actually moves backwards a little bit every time you check it.

guess what kind of day today was.

so i'm all about honestly portraying my day-to-day, which is why i love documentary photography so much, but even i wrestled with sharing this one.  not exactly a shining mom moment- the tv on as a distraction for one, and checking my phone while the other one asks me for the 8,000th time to race cars with him after almost an hour of racing cars already.  today was hard though, and i won't lie, i needed a few minutes to just check out.  so here it is- reality.

so, after the third time i waited an hour to check the time only to discover that only 20 minutes had passed, i started to get desperate.  and when you're desperate, you do silly things.  for example:

and also, this:

here's to the days that never end- they're hard now, but my heart knows that one day, i'll be sad that they finally did.