day 4

so, i didn't blog yesterday.

it was really strange.

i went to bed with that feeling that i had forgotten something really important but couldn't remember what.  except i knew exactly what it was, i just hadn't actually forgotten to do it, it was an active decision to skip it.  i thought maybe i'd feel relieved at the removal of the "must blog everyday" pressure, but i dunno, i almost felt irresponsible in a way, like i was slacking off.  there's no real point to all of this except to say that i may end up blogging more frequently this year than i originally planned.  i'm sure in a few weeks or possibly months there's a good chance i'll change my mind, but for now, i'm going to keep on keeping on like i was unless i'm really crunched for time.

i did, however, gladly stray off prompt with today's picture.  anytime i did that last year, i was kicking myself for not stretching my creativity far enough, but today it was nice to spot a great photo opportunity and be able to seize it without worrying if or how i could make it fit.  i was recently added to a photog group on facebook and it's chock full of these crazy talented photographers that i've been following with stars in my eyes for months (so it's a little surreal to me that i'm actually in a group with them.  i even interact with them, whaaaaat?!?).  it's been a wild share fest of beautiful images over there since the new year, and i've been really inspired by how several of them use light and shadows to create these really dramatic images.  if you've followed my work at all, it's pretty obvious that i'm a big fan of dramatic black and white, photographs, but the ones i've seen in there are just blow you out of the water incredible.  it's giving me a good kick in the pants to step things up a notch, so when i noticed my little playing in some bright sunshine this morning, i decided to log some practice.  

i also snuck a quick picture of both boys as they sat together reading (and by reading, i mean taking all the books off the shelf and scattering them across the floor) for the prompt "quiet light" in another group i follow.  they spotted me after 2 or 3 frames, so i wasn't able to play with the light or my composition as much as i would have liked, but i think the result still fits what i was going for.